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the Rapidly Evolving Functional Printing Market

The Functional Printing Revolution

For over 100 years, most electronic devices and applications worked only with rigid shapes. Today, technology for materials, component design and manufacturing methods allow us to make low power electronic devices that can conform to irregularly shaped surfaces, even those that move, such as on the human body.  These products are called by several names, including Printed Electronics, Plastic Electronics, Polymer Electronics, Electronic Printing, or Smart Printing, and can significantly improve product performance and user benefits in many industries.


Functional Printing Applications from Si-Cal

Si-Cal began making functional printing products in 2006 and since that time we have added new products and applications on a regular basis.  Today our products can be used in many industries for a wide variety of uses including, durable, high performance RFID tags, electrodes, medical diagnostic sensors and test strips, drug delivery patches, organic photovoltaics, electro-chromatic and thermo chromatic displays (electronic paper), smart cards and many other applications in functional printing.  To learn more about the types of Functional Printing products we make and where they are used, go to –

Si-Cal Functional Printing products and uses


Manufacturing of Functional Printed Products

Our advanced production systems enable us to make a wide range of printed electronics, such as RFID antenna, sensors diagnostic strips, flexible displays, power sources, organic photovoltaics, smart labels, and more.  We can make these products with a wide variety of conductive and non-conductive inks applied to many substrates, including: coated and uncoated paper, silicone, and ITO sputtered films.

Product quality programs at Si-Cal aim to produce zero-defects and we confirm this quality with 100% testing before shipping.  This commitment to quality is confirmed by our ISO 9001:2008 Certification, and upcoming certification for ISO 13485:2003.  Learn more about our production capabilities for printed electronics at –

Si-Cal production of Functional Printed products


Si-Cal’s Advantage with Printed Electronics

Si-Cal’s roll-to-roll screen printing process makes us one of the few producers in the country that can create comparatively thick deposition layers (some over 5 mils.) that result in tough, reliable and long-lasting products. Our high quality roll-to-roll product also helps you run at high rates, and prevents down time in your production.

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